So, here it is. My David Story.

A little background...

I participated in an interactive fan fiction on a friend's site, and my character ended up with David. I spent so much time immersing myself in his music and stories about him (which are hard to find, by the way) that he took over my thoughts for quite some time. I couldn't get him out of my head. He's still in there, rattling doors and opening drawers and such, but he's behaving himself. Mostly.

This story came out as an outlet for me to try to get through my little obsession. I told some of the girls from the other fan fic exercise, and they thought it was hysterical that I got so wrapped up, that I couldn't think of anything but him.

They convinced me to "go public" with the story, so here it is.

I hope you enjoy it. It starts here.

~ Hath

Chapter 117: Boston Bound

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goddess’ Note: Most of this post was lifted directly from the Football Forum fanfic on [the old] T’s Place. I made some modifications to make it fit into my view of the story, adding Hath stuff, but the Sam/Jon stuff was written by T.

It was Wednesday morning, and Hath was going to start her trek to Boston with the girls. Jon had flown on ahead, needing to take care of personal appearances and what he called “stupid-ass media shit”. Stephanie was on her way, and once she arrived, the girls, with David in tow as their pack-mule, would head out for Boston in a gorgeous stretch Lincoln.

That morning, Sam woke up early. She hadn't slept well at all. Her lower back hurt so bad and nothing seemed to help it. Jon had rubbed it for her until she'd fallen asleep the first time, but she couldn't bring herself to wake him up to continue to rub it for her every time she woke up after that.

Her back was still bothering her when the limo arrived, but there was no way in hell she was missing this concert and missing out on a few nights spent with her friends. Her doctor had told her back when she was still in her first trimester that it was safe to take Tylenol for headaches, so she took a couple for her backache before she joined her friends in the limo. The driver had stopped at Hath and David's first, so the couple and Stephanie were already ensconced in the plush leather seats. While the driver put Sam's bag in the trunk, David jumped out of the car to help Sam climb in.

"Hey there little mama," he greeted her, "you look positively radiant."

"Yeah, yeah," she told him grumpily, "cut the shit. I know I look fat and tired."

He laughed as he took her hand and helped her to slowly sink into the car. "Jon said you were grumpy lately."

"He did, did he? Are you sure he didn't say I was being bitchy?"

Hath laughed. "Of course he wouldn't say that. He loves you."

"Sarcasm so becomes you," Sam told her friend, laughing.

"How're you feeling?" Stephanie asked, as David joined them, and the front door slammed signaling the driver had re-entered the vehicle.

"I'm fine," Sam answered. Jeez, she was so ready for this baby to get here so everyone would quit asking her how she was feeling. She shared a look with Hath. “Stop smiling over there, you’re next, you know.”

“I know,” Hath said, “but you’re the one they’re all going to be pawing over tonight, not me. You shoulda borrowed my t-shirt.” Hath’s shirt tonight was “Touch My Belly And Die”.

The five hour drive went by in plush comfort. Hath and Stephanie kept up a constant chatter with David interjecting the occasional smart ass comment. Sam had a very hard time not complaining about how bad her back was hurting, but she didn't want anyone to worry about her.

David noticed her rubbing at the small of her back. He watched her in silence for several minutes wondering just how to go about offering his services as a back-rubber without looking like he was renewing the partner swapping practical joke. Finally, with a look at Hath who had also noticed and gave him a nod, David said, "Stephanie change places with me, please."

Stephanie quickly agreed and moved to sit next to Hath. David smiled at Sam. "Sam, honey, turn around and let me rub your back for you," he ordered gently.

Sam obeyed, thanking him and explaining that Jon had been giving her back rubs for the past few days. She told them how Jon had been spoiling her while trying to make up for scheduling the dates in July. Sam told them how she had really missed him Sunday and Monday night, because she'd really missed the back and foot rubs.

David continued to rub Sam's back off and on for the remainder of the trip. He joked about them not telling Jon about him having his hands on Jon’s wife, because he liked breathing through his nose.

The limo pulled up to the back stage entrance, and David jumped out to help each woman out of the back seat. Lucy came running up to them.

"I'm so happy to see all of you," she said in greeting giving each woman a hug. When she hugged Sam, she teased, "Jon's been driving all of us crazy saying 'Is she here yet?' over and over."

"Yeah, now he'll just find something else to bitch about," David announced.

They were all still laughing when David ushered them past the security guard at the backstage door. Sam disappeared into Jon’s dressing room, and Stephanie went with Hath to David’s.

“Doesn’t he have to get changed?” Steph balked at the door.

“Yeah,” Hath said, “but he can go put on his pants in the bathroom. Or you can close your eyes. Or you can watch.”

David laughed and disappeared into the bathroom when Stephanie turned red. “You are an evil, evil pregnant woman,” she said to her friend. “What would you do if I said I wanted to watch?”

Hath shrugged. “After everything that’s gone on, having you see David in his tighty-whities is nothing.”

“Tighty-whities, huh?”

“Yep, my D is old fashioned.”

David came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, showered, and shirtless. “Damn, that feels better,” he said. “You girls want to pick out my shirt for tonight?”

“You have anything decent to pick?” Stephanie countered.

“Oh, and we invited you into our HOME!” David said, his smile and twinkling eyes belying the indignation.

“C’mon, baby,” Hath cooed. “Even your kids say your clothes suck.”

David crouched down in front of Hath. “Is that true my babies?” he said into her abdomen. “Do my clothes really suck?” He was rewarded with kicks from both babies. “Traitors,” he said, frowning while the girls laughed.

After picking out a shirt for David, Stephanie and Hath left him to his own devices. They met up with Lucy in the hall, with Richie close behind. He took one look at Hath’s t-shirt and started to laugh. “Well, that’s to the point, darlin’,” he said.

“Exactly,” Hath said, smugly.

“But I know you don’t mean me, right?” he said, reaching for her.

“Oh no, Sambora, I mean especially you. Hands off, mister. You want a pregnant belly, make one yourself.”

He looked at Lucy, who blushed and pulled Stephanie away by the elbow. Richie shook his head. “I’m working on it,” he said softly.

“Shit, sorry, Rich,” Hath said just as quietly. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he answered. “But now you owe me,” he said. “Free feel?”

Hath rolled her eyes and thrust out her abdomen. Richie cradled the babies with his hands. “Hey guys it’s Uncle Richie,” he said. There was a flurry of kicks and presses that made him smile.

“They’re excited for their very first concert,” Hath said. She put her hand on Richie’s arm. “Don’t worry; Lucy will get there.” She smiled. “Gotta go collect Sam. Have fun tonight.”

The girls knocked on Jon’s door, and he pulled it open, shirt flapping behind him.

“Damn, Boss,” Hath said, shaking her head.

Sam laughed. “Tongue back in your mouth, Hath, or I’m telling David!”

Hath blushed. “Shut up. How are you feeling?” she said with a sarcastic smile.

“Fuck you,” Sam countered.

"We came to kidnap your wife," Hath said to Jon.

Jon laughed. "I'll be glad to loan her to you for a couple of hours, but I want her back after the show."

Lucy jumped in. "Deal."

Jon turned to look at Sam and saw she was having trouble getting up off the sofa. He hurried over and took each of her hands in one of his and gently pulled her to her feet and into his arms. He bent to whisper in her ear, "Are you sure you're okay?"

She smiled up at him. "Yeah, I'm fine," she assured him.

Sam and the Harem barely made it to their seats before the lights went down, and soon the guys were taking the stage and the opening notes of Lost Highway filled the arena.


Bayaderra said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Sam is soooo clueless! Gotta love first time moms...Tylenol?!?!?! How about an epidural sweetie?!?!?! LOL! Love Hath's Tshirt! LOL at he got his "free feel"! Hope Lucy changes her mind soon...a fine male specimen like Sambora must be allowed to reproduce!

Kris said...

Oh, I can't wait! It's great reliving it all again. Love, love, love won't make us wait too long, right?

Joviswoman said...

Jezz Sam! Someone slap her please she needs the hospital!

Damn Sambora getting a 'free feel' lmao, he'll use ANYTHING to cop a feel lol.

More please H MWAH

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Sam be at the hospital instead of the concert?! Love Hath's tshirt! I'm slowly getting through Football Fans as I missed it the first time around. Waiting for more from Joker soon...