So, here it is. My David Story.

A little background...

I participated in an interactive fan fiction on a friend's site, and my character ended up with David. I spent so much time immersing myself in his music and stories about him (which are hard to find, by the way) that he took over my thoughts for quite some time. I couldn't get him out of my head. He's still in there, rattling doors and opening drawers and such, but he's behaving himself. Mostly.

This story came out as an outlet for me to try to get through my little obsession. I told some of the girls from the other fan fic exercise, and they thought it was hysterical that I got so wrapped up, that I couldn't think of anything but him.

They convinced me to "go public" with the story, so here it is.

I hope you enjoy it. It starts here.

~ Hath

Chapter 92: Mad Hath

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holy shit, David thought to himself. He took a step back and held up his hands. “Sorry, just coming to see if you’re alright.”

“I will be once I get the mad out,” Hath said, as she pushed past him to the hall. He went in to read the last exchange on the board then followed at a safe distance. He grinned when she went downstairs to the studio. Hath whirled on him and stabbed a finger into his chest so hard, she nearly broke a nail. “You stay out here,” she said as she went inside. “And if you even think about recording this, I’ll have your balls for earrings.”

David laughed. “Yes, dear,” he said. Hath couldn’t even muster a smile.

Hath closed the door behind her and went into the studio. She had never really been down here before, but was too mad to have a proper look at everything. She walked into the middle of the room, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and screamed. She screamed loud and long, over and over. Then the tears came. David was half out of his chair to go to her, but stopped when her lips started moving. David turned on the monitors, and laughed out loud at the words coming out of his beloved’s mouth.

“Mother fucking, cock sucking, ass licking, sons of bitches! Fucking dog raping pig-fucking sons of whores! Like to slice your balls off and shove them down your fucking throats. Beat me. BEAT me. Yeah, like he would. Like I’d LET him. I’ll show you a fucking beating. No, Jon’d kill me. FUCK!” She was ranting and pacing and her face was so red, David thought she was going to have a heart attack. Then she stopped dead, closed her eyes, and let out an eardrum-shattering scream.

David jumped a mile. He was not expecting how loud she was. Damn, he knew she had a temper, but this was just beyond. He was chagrined to find himself unbelievably turned on by this side of her. She was shaking with rage, and he wanted to redirect that power and passion to him. He wanted her to take out her mad on him in bed. Or here on the floor, he didn’t much care which. He took a step toward the studio door when he saw Hath collapse. His ardor gone in an instant, he sprinted the rest of the way into the studio, and saw Hath curled up on the floor.

“Baby?” he asked softly. Hath didn’t look up, she just sobbed and shrunk more into a ball. “Hey, sweetheart,” David said, going in to gather Hath to him. “Don’t let them get to you.”

“But the things they said…” she couldn’t finish her sentence, just clamped her lips together and shook her head.

“Aw, Hath, they’re just looking for a headline. Richie is the big news right now, and…OOOF!” David was cut off by an elbow to the stomach.

“Not about that, you ass,” Hath said, then laughed through her tears. “I am not crying over Richie. Don’t get me wrong, my heart is breaking for him and Lucy and Ava, but I’m upset about the things they were saying about you!”

“Don’t even think about them. Your brother took care of it.”

“I just can’t stand that they think that! Because of me!” Hath knew she was being unreasonable and stupid, but she didn’t care. “God, what if those idiots print that shit! Your kids will see it!” She scampered off David’s lap. “We have to tell them about this. NOW.” She stalked from the room, and David shook his head and chuckled. He had to hurry to catch up, and they made their way to the office. “Skype your son,” Hath said, and pushed David roughly into the chair.

“But what if he isn’t…”

“Just do it,” Hath said. Colton picked up right away.

“Hey, Dad,” he said. “Just working on a stupid paper for my history class. Why are you calling on the computer?”

“I made him,” Hath said from just off-screen. “We need to show you and your sisters something,” she said, and came into view.

“Holy shit,” Colton said, then blushed. “Sorry, Dad. Sorry, Hath.”

David smiled at Hath, then at his son. “I said the same thing,” he said. “Hath was on a train that crashed earlier this week, and she got a little hurt, and the reporters are insinuating that I did this.”

Colton paled. “But Dad! You would never…”

“NO!” both Hath and David said at the same time. Hath continued. “Sweetie, I know that your father would never hurt me or anyone else. Never. I know you know that too, but I didn’t want you to hear about this somewhere else. The things they’re saying are pretty ugly.”

“Geez, Hath, are you okay? And, um, the babies?”

Hath’s heart got all mushy at Colton’s obvious embarrassment at asking about her pregnancy. She was touched he thought to ask. “Yeah, we’re all fine,” she quipped, “but I feel like I’ve been in a train wreck.”

“Ha ha, Hath,” Colton said, then burst out laughing. “That’s sick, you know.”

David laughed. “Go get your sisters, OK? Let them know first, then bring them in. I’m going to call your mother.”

“OK.” Colton started to leave then came back. “Hath?”

“What is it sweetie?”

“I’m glad you’re ok.” He gave a smile that was heartbreakingly like his father’s then went to get his sisters.

David stepped away to call his ex-wife. I heard him say, “April, we need to talk,” then the girls were on-screen.

“Oh my God!” Lil cried. Gabby was just staring.

“Girls, I’m okay,” I assured them. “Just a little banged up is all. But, there are reporters here outside your Dad’s house.”

“Because of Uncle Richie?” Gabby asked, sliding a sideways look at her little sister.

I just nodded. “They said some mean things about my cuts and bruises, and we just wanted you to see for yourself that I’m okay, and to hear from us that there isn’t anything seriously wrong. I’m okay, and the babies are okay.”

Lil smiled. “Good,” she said. “I still can’t wait to be a big sister.”

She made me laugh. “I can’t wait for that either, sweetheart.” I could hear April calling for her daughters.

“In here, Mom,” Gabby answered. April’s beautiful face filled the screen.

“You’re really okay?” she asked. I nodded. “Good,” she said, and was gone. That was bizarre, but I didn’t want to think about April.

“Alright, your Dad wants to say ‘hi’, then we’ll let you get back to your evening. We just wanted you to hear this news from us.”

“OK, Hath,” Lil said. “Love you, bye!”

My throat closed up. David put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed gently. “Love you too, Princess,” I said. “You too, Gabby. See you guys soon.” I stepped away to let David say good night to his girls, and to compose myself.

David came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “You okay, my love?”

I just nodded. “Lil said she loved me,” I said with wonder.

“Yep, she does.” He smiled then sighed. “I let April know what was said so she’d be prepared. I don’t think anything will come of it, but she did say she appreciated the heads-up.” David shook his head. “Are you really okay?”

I turned in David’s arms, and he pulled me into a crushing hug. “Yeah, I think I got all my mad out.” David looked a bit disappointed.

“Really?” he said. “That’s too bad. Mad Hath is hot.”

“You are a fucking lunatic, you know that?” I said to him.

“Are you getting angry again?” David asked hopefully.

“No, sorry,” I said to him, and kissed David deeply. I felt him stir against my thigh, and shifted to rub my leg along his length.

“JEN!” I heard my brother bellow. “Where the fuck are you?” then the door burst open. “Stupid fucking giant house,” he lamented as he, Kirk, and Ed came rushing into the room and slid to a stop. “Shit,” John said, looking at us wrapped around each other. “Sorry.”

“Uh, what do you want?” I asked John. David and I were still wrapped in each other’s arms, and he wasn’t quite ready to let me go yet – not with my brother in the room.

“Huh?” he said, playing dumb. “Oh, we’ve got the truck unpacked. All your shit that was coming heeah is in the living room. We’ll take the rest to storage tamahrrow.”

David laughed. “How much damage did you do outside?”

Ed laughed. “None man, we just scay-ed them a little.” He looked at me. “They hurt ah sistah. That just ain’t acceptable.”

“You guys are the best,” I said, and smiled at them. “Now go away. Go watch a movie or something.”

“Is there beeah?” Kirk asked.

David laughed. “Yeah, in the fridge in the screening room.”

John got a twinkle in his eye. “I don’t know, guys, I kinda like it in heeah.” He settled into one of the wing-backed leather chairs and made himself comfortable. Kirk and Ed took their cue from him, and loafed on the couch.

David and I just laughed. “Oh for heaven’s sake,” I said to them, “get the fuck out of here.”

“Are you getting mad now?” David growled in my ear, loud enough for the others to hear. He licked the rim of my ear, and I shivered.

“Jesus,” John said, and bolted. “I so do NOT want to watch you seduce my sistah, man.” He shivered. “C’mon, you assholes, let’s go find some beeah.” Ed and Kirk whined that they wanted to watch, and John cuffed them both on the back of the head. They piled out of the room, insulting and joking with each other.

David laughed after them. “They’re just like me and the guys,” he said.

“Juvenile and perverted?” I asked, smiling.

“Yep, pretty much,” David confirmed, and kissed me again. He took my hand and led me out of the office and up to the bedroom.

Chapter 91: New Digs

We had a wonderful snack and a great visit at Nanna’s. Assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins were called, and we had a great reunion. David was still pleasantly shocked by the vastness of my family, and at how easily assimilated he was into the group. Everyone was laughing and joking, and it was a bit reluctantly that we left.

Nanna packed us a goody bag that would make a five-star chef jealous! We had two coolers full of amazing food. I couldn’t wait to get it unloaded into the fridge – David had already told me it was practically empty. John and the guys would drop off the coolers off to Nanna on their way back to Boston tomorrow.

The caravan continued on to David’s – I mean our – house, and we made really good time. I know, I know: I’ve got to get used to calling it our house; but shit, gimme a break. I was starting to relax, and had forgotten all about Jon’s warning until we made that last turn.

When we pulled into the driveway, I saw them. At least a dozen people, just lying in wait. Vans and cars were strewn about the side yard, which was really annoying. They were trespassing on private property. I’d be well within my rights to shoot them, and had a fleeting vision of wielding the .50-cal at them. I never would, but the looks on their faces would be worth whatever wrath it would incur in Jon. Shit, if there were this many here, I could only imagine what Lucy was going through. We pulled up as close to the house as we could, but they were blocking the driveway somewhat. David took my hand. “Hath, are you ready for this? All you have to do is look straight ahead, and keep moving.”

I took a shaky breath. “I’m as ready as I can be, I guess,” I answered. I mean, really, how does one prepare for this? This is SO foreign to me; I can’t even begin to describe it. “Let me check on John.” I called my brother’s cell. “You ready for this, bro? You guys just head for the house. Stick close behind us, and don’t even look at them.”

“Got it. We’re ready, sis.”

David and I exited the car. Hands clasped, we aimed for the house, John and the others right behind us. The shouted questions were loud and impertinent, and I don’t know how David was able to block them out.

“Do you drive drunk, too?”

“Are you kicking Richie out of the band?”

“Will you cancel the tour?”

“Is he going to go to jail?”

And on and on they went, not caring that we were ignoring them. I was quite proud of the way I was doing my job; I kept my eyes on the front door and just kept walking. Once we got close enough to them, they got a good look at my face. Yeah, ‘oh shit’ indeed.

One shit stain on the underpants of humanity took one look at my face and started asking questions that took me by surprise.

“Hey Jenilee, why do you stay with someone who beats you?”

“David, what’d she do to piss you off?”

“Did you beat April too? Is that why she left you?”

I was totally prepared for the Richie stuff, but not the personal attack. I turned to the person that asked the question and said, "excuse me?" in my best pissed-off Goddess tone. Swear to God, I didn't mean to talk to him, and David yanked on my hand to get me moving into the house. John was behind me pushing, because without them, I wouldn’t be moving.

I was shocked. I mean, did they not know these guys yet? They are not hitters. Never have been. David whisked me away so quickly, I didn’t even hear the questions being repeated. He was muttering under his breath, and I think I heard him say “fucking going to kill Richie” then we were in the house. John and his friends slammed the door behind them loud enough to shake the windows in their frames. David threw his keys at the hall table, and swooped me into his arms, hugging me close for a moment before letting me go.

“Jesus Jen,” Ed said. “What the fuck was all that about?” He and Kirk didn’t really know what was going on. They weren’t fans of the band, and entertainment news ranks somewhere below the Lifetime Movie Network on things they watch on TV. John explained to them what had happened, and why the reporters were out there.

“Jen, are you alright?” John asked, turning to me. He was seething, I could tell. His color was almost as high as mine, and the look in his eyes said he was out for blood.

“I’m fine,” I said through a tightly clenched jaw.

“You are not ‘fine’,” David said. “You are good and pissed off. So am I. John,” he said to my brother. “Can you set them straight without getting baited? If I go out there, I won’t be able to keep my cool. I’m serious as a heart attack about this.”

“Hell yeah I can,” he said. He took the ponytail holders out of his ass-length hair and shook it out, the waves going wild around his shoulders and face. Next, he took off the flannel shirt he was wearing so it was just his wife-beater shirt, his tattoo-covered arms flexing with agitation. He lit a Marlboro, shoved on his shades, and headed outside. He looked scary as anything, and if I didn’t know he was a big ol’ teddy bear underneath, I’d cross the street to avoid walking past him. Though he shut the door behind him, I could still hear him. He’s loud, like me.

“Pay attention ya fuckiz, I’m only sayin’ this once,” was his opening shot, and incredibly, I laughed. God, I love my brother. I heard him say, “Jen was in a train crash this week, and is a fuckin’ hero. Check out the Bahstin papahs, you ass-lickin’ vulchiz.” And he came back inside.

I threw myself at him, and hugged him tight. “I love you,” I said to my baby bro. I looked up and he had tears in his eyes. My tougher-than-shoe-leather, pierced and tattooed brother had tears in his baby browns.

“I love you too, Jen,” he said. “Say the word, and I’ll go beat the shit out of as many as I can. They hurt you. No way they get away with that.”

“We’ll help,” Ed and Kirk said instantly, stepping up behind John. I was touched by their loyalty, and hugged each one in turn.

David laughed mirthlessly. “Yeah, that would not be a good idea guys. Better to just ignore them. They’re idiots and have no idea what they’re saying. They’ll get bored and move on.” David turned to me and put his arms around me. After kissing me tenderly, and gently framing my cut and bruised face with his hands, he said, “Believe me, I’d be right out there swinging with your brothers, but that’s what they want. They want a reaction like that.” He kissed me again. “Don’t listen to them, baby.”

Just like that, their stupid questions were back in my brain, and I was back into my full on mad. How the hell could they say those things? I mean, I don’t understand how they would even consider it, never mind say it out loud! I was furious. “I need a minute,” I growled, and I stalked from the room muttering to myself. David started to follow me, but John stopped him.

“It’s bettah to just let her be,” he said, putting a restraining hand on David’s shoulder. “I don’t think I’ve evah seen her this mad befoe-ah, there’s no telling what she’ll do or say.”

David shook him off. “She’s upset,” he said. “I need to at least try to talk to her.”

John just shook his head. “Good luck with that,” he said, and his friends laughed. They went to the window and looked out. The crowd out there showed no sign of leaving. John looked at his friends. He waited until David had left the room. “Want to have some fun?”

“What kind of fun?” Ed asked.

John just gave him an evil smile. “Get David’s keys and move the cah. Kirk, you’re with me. We need to unpack Jen’s shit.”

The trio went outside. As the door opened, the vultures roused, but when they saw it was just these three, they settled back down. John cleared his throat, and his deep voice carried across on the breeze. “Ya bahstids may want ta watch out,” he said, thickening his Claven. “I gotta swing that truck around so we can unpack and ya cahs ah in da way.” He smiled. “I sure would hate to smahsh one of them with the truck.”

Ed moved David’s car around to the back of the house while John and Kirk climbed up into the truck. John gave the horn a long blow, and just aimed for the closest car. He laughed gleefully when the reporter dropped is camera and sprinted for the driver’s door. He managed to pull out of the way just moments before John would have crashed him.

I lapped the house, stalking from room to room muttering to myself. I’d storm into a room, look around, and storm out; stomping down the hall to the next room. I went to a window when I heard a horn blow, and I burst out laughing. I saw the truck making a wide swing and narrowly miss colliding with a van. I silently egged him on, all but begging him to smash something. When he didn’t I continued my stalk-and-glare tour of the house. David caught up with me in the office, where I was venting on the boards. I didn’t trust my voice to hold strong on the phone, so here I was.

Ang suggested I go down to the studio (where it’s soundproofed) and scream myself hoarse. Letting out the anger would make me feel better, she said. Maybe. I looked up to see David in the doorway. “What?” I threw at him. If my tone of voice could have leveled injury, David’d be writhing on the floor in pain. I didn’t want to lash out at him, but dammit, he should have left me alone.

Chapter 90: Goodbye Work

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I woke a short time later, and couldn’t get back to sleep. David was snoring like nothing I’d ever heard, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. God, he was awful. I got onto the boards, and saw a PM from Jon. He was warning us about the press. Shit. I hadn’t even thought of that. He warned me that he drove by the house today, and saw them camped out. It took a full minute of wondering what the hell he was doing in Boston before I realized he meant my new house in Jersey. Oops.

Anyway, Jon was still on the board, and we exchanged PMs about the reporters, and made fun of the way David snores worse than a bear. I asked Jon if there were other things he did that were animal-like, and Jon said I would know better than him. Well, I wanted to see if I could get him to say it, but I couldn’t. BUT, I got the man to laugh (at least that’s what he said) and I didn’t think that would be possible.

We switched topics to Sam, and it isn’t good – her blood pressure is way too high. Jon is worried something awful. He hasn’t told her about any of the stuff that’s been going on this week, and Sam is sure gonna be pissed when she finds out. I was good and tired by that time, so bid Jon a fare-thee-well, and got my ass back to sleep.

* * * * *

Friday, Hath woke sore but happy. She was snuggled into David, and she smiled when she saw the little self-satisfied grin on his face. She groaned and stretched (thinking she was way too old to be sleeping on the floor), and the LJs made themselves known by pressing into her bladder. “Okay, kids, I get it,” she muttered as she carefully rose from the floor. David moaned at the loss of heat, and woke to see his Hath walking bare-ass naked down the hall to the bathroom. He waited until he heard the toilet flush and the shower start, and went down to join her.

Later that morning, Hath’s brother and friends came to take the truck. They got to the house just as the couple was leaving for the office. “We’ll be at work until lunchtime, then heading out. Are you stopping on the way?”

John nodded. “Yah, we’re stopping at Nanna’s for lunch. Ya want us to wait?”

Hath looked to David, who was grinning. She rolled her eyes. “Yes, may as well, D wants to stop for a mid-afternoon snack. We’ll be there around 3, can be back on the road by 4, and will hit the house around 7. You guys brought your gear for tonight?” They all nodded.

“Good,” Hath said, and sighed. “I guess that’s it, then,” she said, looking around at the stark, empty house.

“It’s alright, Jen,” John said, wrapping her in a hug. “You’ve got so much more than a house now.”

Hath sniffled. “I know,” she said. “But it’s still hard. After we leave, though, there’s no looking back; only looking forward.”

“Then let’s get the hell out of here,” David said, and they did.

At the office, David had to laugh at people’s reactions to him. When he got to the building, Hath had to sign him in, and he had to show his ID. The girl, Janelle, took his license, and did a double take. She stared at David for a second, and he waggled his fingers at her, making her blush.

“Sorry,” Janelle said. “You’re not the kind of famous people we usually get in here. It’s usually politicians or financial analysts.”

David mimed a yawn, making her laugh. They went up to the fifth floor, and Hath had a death grip on David’s hand. “What do you do in the New York office when you have to go up nine times as high?” Hath just slid him a shut-the-fuck-up look, and he sheepishly looked away. “Sorry,” he said.

Hath waved her badge in front of the reader by the door, and they wound their way through the rat’s maze of cubicles to Hath’s, which was exactly in the middle of the floor. She introduced David to her coworkers and colleagues as they wound through the office, and David was surprised to see so few women.

“Where are all the women?” David asked, dumbfounded.

Hath just laughed. “This is the tech side of the floor,” she explained. “There are about ten of us girls over here.” David looked around. There had to have been more than a hundred people on the floor. Hath motioned in the general direction of the other side of the floor. “Over there is where our business unit sits, and the ratio is about half and half. I work in a man’s world, baby,” Hath said.

When they got to her desk, Hath dumped her jacket over the back of her chair, plugged her laptop into the docking station, donned her phone’s headset, and set to work. David watched from a borrowed office as she fielded IMs, e-mails, phone calls, and drive-by questions without missing a beat. Sometimes they would all come at once, and David noticed how she handled each in turn without making any of them feel they were not getting her full and undivided attention. This will surely come in handy when she started work for Jon.

Hath had checked in on the boards when she could, and saw that Lucy was torn between being with Sam if she needed someone, and being with Richie. She told Lucy to do what she thought was right, but to remember that Hath’s house wasn’t that far from Sam’s, and she could take care of things if need be.

By noon, David was exhausted just watching Hath. She laughed when he said something to her. “This is a light day,” she said. “I didn’t really have any meetings or anything, and that was only about half the volume of calls and people I usually get. They all know today is my last day.”

David smiled. “Speaking of that…”

Hath sighed. “Yep,” she said. “Let’s go.”

They went to the large conference room in the middle of the floor, and had to wade through a sea of people to get inside. Hath’s eyes teared up. It looked like everyone she’d ever worked with, in this and all the other business units, had come to see her off. David saw her reaction, and looped his arm around her shoulders. Hath made her way through the well-wishers, taking hugs and kisses from the women, and awkward shoulder squeezes from the men. When she reached table in the center of the room, she burst out laughing.

There, in the place of honor was a three foot tall purple witch’s hat. There was tattered black lace and taffeta streamers hanging from the peak, and spiders dangling from the brim. Andrew, as Hath’s boss, was Masters of Ceremony. He drew Hath up to the front of the room, and sat the hat atop her head. She tilted it at a rakish angle and smiled.

Andrew gave the customary “thanks for everything” speech, and everyone applauded. “SPEECH!” someone called from the back. Hath laughed. “What can I say?” she said, “except thank you for a wonderful five years. I’ll miss you guys.”

David piped up, “But not too much.” Everyone laughed.

“Yes dear,” Hath said, winking at David. “Not too much.” Hath looked around. “Bring on the cake!”

After the cake was cut and given out, Hath made her rounds, saying good bye to her friends. Taking her box of personal stuff from her desk, she gave one last look at the group of people she spent the last five years with, and left.

Chapter 89: Goodbye House

Late the next day, I got on the boards. David had been busy, letting everyone know about the train wreck, but that I was OK. I scrolled through my PMs and called for Ang, who came running.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Look!” I exclaimed, pointing a shaky finger at the screen. Lucy was driving to LA from Chicago, and had stopped to PM us that Richie had been stopped last night and arrested for suspicion of DUI. There were two kids in the car, and another woman (Ava’s nanny) and he didn’t even bother to tell Lucy about it; she had to hear about it on the news. She was livid, and I don’t blame her.

Of course, we shifted into girlfriend mode, and told Lucy to let Richie explain everything to her before she got all pissed off at him. She was talking about getting out to LA as quickly as possible, and driving out to Nebraska and catching a flight. I told her in no uncertain terms was she to drive. She asked me what she should do with her car. I just looked at Ang.

“Ang, you thinking what I’m thinkng?” I asked her.

“Already ahead of you,” she said, running to go pack. She passed David in the hall. ‘Did you know about this?” she accused him.

“Know about what?” He genuinely looked confused.

“Go talk to Hath,” Ang called, as she ran downstairs.

David went into the bedroom, and saw Hath typing furiously, with her wireless headset on. She held up a finger while she finished her conversation.

“OK, so she’s confirmed then? Yes, she’ll have the credit card, but it is in my name.” Hath paused and listened, typing more on her computer. “OK, she’ll have that. Thanks.” Hath pressed a button and looked up at David.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Hath gave him a withering look. “Don’t tell me you don’t know,” she said. Ang came back up stairs.

“OK, I’m ready,” Ang said.

“The car will be here in ten. Take this,” Ang took a piece of paper from Hath’s hand, “and grab my MasterCard from my wallet. You need to show those and your passport at the first class gate.”

“Didn’t know what?” David asked, looking between the two women. “Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on? Ang is packed to leave, you’re pissed at me for something – somebody talk to me, dammit!”

“Swear to me you didn’t know about Richie, and I’ll believe you,” Hath said, looking at him.

David did a double take. “What happened to Richie?”

“You really don’t know?” Hath said, and motioned him over. “Look at this.”

David read the messages Hath had gotten from Lucy and sat hard on the bed. “I swear to you, Hath, I didn’t know anything about this.” He took out his phone started to dial.

“What are you doing?” Hath asked him.

“Calling the asshole,” David said. Hath took the phone from him.

“Don’t do that, baby,” Hath said. David just looked at her, so she continued. “You’ve got a mad on, this is not the time to talk to him. Call him in a few hours when you can be his friend.”

“What am I now?” David asked hotly.

“His angry brother. He’s gotta be angry enough for the both of you right now. Cool off, then call him.” Hath gave David back his phone. “Trust me on this. I know you know him better than I do, but I know emotions better.” She gave David a look, and he remembered all the proof of that he’s seen over the past five months.

“Okay, darlin’, I’ll listen to you about this, but I will be calling Rich later,” David said.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Ang met up with Lucy, and took the keys to the Lexus and Gypsy. She drove Lucy to the airport the next day, and while Lucy jetted off to LA, Ang started the trek across the western half of the country. While that was going on, Hath’s belongings, and Ang’s, were packed up into the moving truck, and her personal stuff stowed in her car for the trip.

Hath went to work Thursday; her normal early schedule. She got lots of curious looks from people, and lots of looks of recognition. She was horrified to find out that her picture was in the newspaper. Apparently, being a decent human being was newsworthy, and there was a shot of her holding that other woman in her arms at the accident. She shook her head. There were very few things for her to do, other than to mentor Ethan. Going home to an empty house was heartbreaking. David was there, of course, but the house itself was empty.

Hath had to laugh when she got into the living room. David had set up sleeping bags and pillows, and put candles in the bay window, and had a take-out feast laid out on the floor. He silently took Hath into his arms and kissed her for long minutes. “I know this is hard, baby, but I am so glad you are doing it.”

“I am too, sweetheart,” she answered. “You just gotta let me mourn this for a minute, then I’ll be fine.”

“Why don’t we say goodbye in grand style,” David said, taking Hath’s jacket from her. He dropped it to the floor, and dipped his head to kiss her neck, holding her head firmly. When she tried to turn her head he held fast, and her heart quickened. Her hands came up to grip David’s arms, and he smiled against her lips. “What are you doing, baby?” David asked, releasing her head to grip Hath’s arms.

“I want to touch you,” Hath whispered, struggling to reach him.

“Uh-uh, baby,” David said. “You don’t get to do that yet.”

Hath’s heart stopped for a minute. He never played this particular game with her before. She trusted him implicitly, though, so she was up for it. “Why not?” she asked him, her voice shaking with excitement.

“Because I said so,” David said sternly, his eyes dancing with delight. He looked at her. “All you have to do is say ‘stop’ and I’ll stop,” David said.

“I know,” Hath said, and raised her head to nip at his lips.

David growled and spun Hath around, pulling her roughly to him. He turned her head away from him and latched onto her shoulder, almost but not quite marking her. When she tested his strength, he tightened his hold on her; wrapping an arm high around her chest. She pulled at him, but he held fast, looking at her. Hath’s eyes were closed, and her mouth parted, the corners turned up slightly.

He pulled her backwards toward the wall, then pushed her back up against it. He nudged her legs apart and wedged his leg between them, rubbing up against her while he nibbled and licked at her neck. After several long minutes and kisses that left Hath breathless, David pulled Hath with him to the floor. He rolled her beneath him, pinning her with his weight. Smiling, he stripped her blouse and bra from her, and held her hands over her head, raking her naked torso with his gaze. He could see the swell of his babies in her abdomen, and the extra-heaviness of her breasts. They were tender to the touch, and the slightest feather-light grazing had Hath mewling and squirming.

David kissed a path from Hath’s neck to her belly, stopping to lave delicately at her breasts. When Hath moved to reach for David, he took her bra and bound her hands, set them firmly on the floor over her head, and placed a nearly-full glass of water in them. Hath looked at David with questioning eyes.

“Don’t spill the water, Hath,” David said softly. If she tried to move her hands to touch him, the glass would upend, spilling water all over the floor.

David reached under Hath to unzip her skirt, and pulled it off of her. He groaned when he saw she wore stockings instead of hose. He knew she did that for him; that she preferred hose, and that knowledge made it all the more exciting. He took off her sneakers and socks slid her panties down and off, and looked his fill. Hath tried to cover up somewhat by raising her knees, but David was having none of it. He pushed them down and leaned across her thighs, effectively immobilizing her.

He propped his head up and stroked at the babies with his other hand. Hath started to relax, and when she did, David’s hand started to drift lower. He rose off her thighs and spread them, then settled in between. He stroked her with gentle strokes, just grazing the skin and curls. Hath’s eyes closed, and she gave over to the feeling of being cherished and loved.

As the waves of pleasure slowly built, Hath’s breathing got shallower. Small mewling noises came from the back of her throat, and her head thrashed from side to side. The glass started to tremble in her hands, but she was not going to let it go; she was going to play the game as long as she could.

David kept his touch light, driving her nuts. Her arms were straining and bowing a little from the floor. “What’s the matter, baby?” David asked Hath.

“You’re driving me mad,” Hath said breathlessly.

“Oh, sorry, should I stop?”

“Not on your life,” Hath answered.

David chuckled, and dipped first one finger, then two into her tight, wet core, and she groaned loudly. David leaned in to nibble on her clit, and Hath screamed. She bowed from the floor, sending the glass flying across the room as her hands came down to grab David’s head, holding him fast when he would have backed off.

The splash of water on her flesh as it arced through the room wasn’t felt by Hath; all she felt was David’s mouth on her. The sound of glass breaking as the tumbler hit the wall was lost to Hath. All she heard was the blood pounding in her head.

She tugged on David’s hair so hard, he actually winced, but followed her lead now, and slinked up her body to kiss her again. Hath’s bound hands looped around David’s neck, and she held on tight. While he sipped from her lips, he slipped into her body. David groaned as her vice closed around him. He tried to stroke gently, but Hath was having none of it. She raised her hips, meeting David’s thrusts, and he picked up the pace, slamming into her. Their voices were one as they shouted their release.

Sated, David rolled off Hath and untied her hands. He tucked her into his shoulder and chuckled. “You spilled the water,” David said.

Hath laughed outright. “Don’t care, it isn’t my rug anymore.” David hugged her, and they gingerly sat up to eat, not bothering to dress. After they finished and cleaned up, they played on the board for a while, then made love slowly and tenderly, and fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.